Bring the Alliance & the Sisterhood to your city!

Pink City Corp is in the process of building an elite organization of phenomenal Chapters (Franchises) around the country in EVERY CITY to spread our mission(s).  We are always looking to partner with “go-getters” who are interested in starting a chapter in your local area.  We provide the education, support, and resources you need in order to succeed!
 Want to start a Chapter in your area? Here’s how:
Who Is Eligible?
Any approved individual with a passion for the mission of the Curvy Alliance and is willing to take on the chapter CEO legal and financial responsibility.
Initial Organization
The most successful way to initially organize a Chapter is to first establish a Chapter Owner (CO), then a City Movement Manager (CMM), a SIS Member Manager (SMM) and a SpokesModel Manager (MM). If the area already has remote members, request that n ational contacts them to call a meeting, discuss the idea, and set up a temporary pending chapter (Social Group). The more members that can be brought into the initial phase of Chapter organization, the better the prospects for an active Chapter with substantive programs. Please remember, all management and members must be approved by Pink City Corp’s national directors and they must participate in and travel to a non-refundable training at their own expense
Chapter Boundaries
Delineate a geographic area to be served. It is more desirable to organize a Chapter that represents a specific geographic area, such as a single city, metropolitan area, or county, rather than embracing a substantially larger area, although chapters may be organized statewide if this is the only feasible way. The major purpose for organizing a Chapter is to provide an opportunity for Chapter members to attend meetings and engage in events, local and national activities. A limited geographic area makes it more feasible for Chapter members to meet without difficulty. Once the organization of a Chapter is approved, and its formal charter executed, its jurisdictional area shall be fixed by Pink City Corp’s Executive Council (National Directors) and no authority shall be given to any other group or individual to organize a Chapter within 30 miles of that area while the original Chapter is in existence
Additional Information:
The founding company Pink City Corporation is based in Atlanta, GA. Pink City Corp will be glad provide assistance in this matter to any local group upon request. Contact or (678) 369-1722.
The Nature of the Relationship between local Chapters and the National Pink City Corp Office in Georgia:
•Pink City Corp is one organization with a single mission for Pink City Sisterhood, Project Curve Appeal Movement & Pink City Chicks Non-Greek Sorority.
•Pink City Corp is one incorporated entity with chartered Chapters authorized to use the name, logo, etc., and to represent the Movement within their designated geographic area however is not responsible for any local liabilities incurred by local groups.
•Chapter leads have the authority and the responsibility to develop resources and implement programs and activities within nationally approved policies and standards.
•Chapters carry out the work of the Movement within their designated geographic area.
•National provides assistance with screening, training and administrative services.
•All funds raised by each Chapter will be deposited in a local Chapter account managed by local treasure and/ Chapter Owner.
•Where financially viable, each Chapter Owner will produce events to accelerate the growth of Movement in their chapter.
Where are we now?
Currently, we have active Project Curve Appeal Chapters/Pending Chapters in; Atlanta, Chicago, Tri-State, Central Florida, Boston, Macon GA, Columbus GA and Cleveland.
We have remote members in; Antigua Island, Las Vegas NV, Birmingham AL, Canton MI, Champagne IL and a few other cities.
We also have two current Pink City Chicks Chapters. One in Columbus, GA and one in Atlanta, GA.
Want more info? Email to request a franchise info packet. Please note, you must have 4 members together to start a chapter.