How to submit a screening video to Join the Sisterhood!

If you are preparing to apply to become a City Manager, Model Manager or FOCA/FOPC Spokes-Model, you must submit a screening Video to make your intentions clear and to give us an opportunity to get to know you.
Videos can be recorded with any kind of video cam, cell phone, web cam or camera. As long as you are able to upload it to youtube and email us the link to it. We request that video’s are less than 10 minutes. We also would like to see you at your best. Basic makeup and proper body foundation (spanx, body magic, etc.) is a must. If you are a Spokes-Model Applicant, you will also need to stand up and turn around at some point during the videos.

ALL video auditions will need to include the following:

•Your Name
•How you heard about Pink City Corp, Pink City Sisterhood and/or Project Curve Appeal
•Specifically what position/role you are interested in (Chapter Owner & City Manager,  FOCA Manager,  SIS Member Manager, FOCA or just a SIS”
•Why you want to be apart of our organization
•What you can bring to the table
•And a little bit of your background
You must also acknowledge in the video that you understand the following:
•I understand that as a national sister, I am committing to attend the annual PCS Conference or PCA Convention
•I understand I am responsible for my own Training/Orientation, national dues (for five years) and travel expenses to the national event each year
•I understand that Pink City Corp and all divisions have a no refund policy!
•I understand that I am responsible for help to recruit, promote, fund-raise and volunteer in my local community.
•I understand that committing to being healthy is a part of our mission.
Please note that if you do not follow the about instructions, your application will not be considered.
Submitting your “sisterhood screening video” is required unless you were screened and approved in person at a national event or round up.
Your video is our first impression of you. Feel free to get creative and personalize it. We understand that not everyone is able to edit videos and create something unique like so you can also submit a basic video resume like  as long as you include the requested information above.

What you should know before you upload your video:

Pink City Corp is a membership based organization. When at all possible, we like to share decisions with members. This is one of the reasons applicants now have to submit audition videos. For this reason, application videos are made public.

Please keep in mind, once your video is uploaded, it may receive comments and or critiques however we will do our best to monitor all comments. It is not our mission to publicly or otherwise humiliate anyone. That being said, we truly encourage that you bring your absolute A-Game when submitting your video. Once a video is uploaded, if it is not approved, it will be removed if requested. Approved Applicants videos may stay live so that the other members can get to know the newly recruited members.
We do have a 7 day deadline for videos to be submitted once you officially submit your application. Considering videos average 3-5 minutes, this is a very generous time frame. If video’s are not uploaded within 7 days, your application will unfortunately be discarded and you will have to re-apply. If you apply more than once and you fail to complete the application process which includes (submitting your AP, an acceptable audition video, interviewing with a member of national, getting a final approval, registering for your training etc…), you will not be eligible to re-apply for one full year.

Online Upload Instructions:

1.Go to
2.Log in with your gmail email address ( and password (chooseme)
3.Upload your video and include the link in your application.

Mobile Upload Instructions:

The easiest way to upload videos from an Android device is to use the YouTube app.
1.Sign in to YouTube with gmail email address ( and password (chooseme)
2.Touch the Accounts  tab and select My videos.
3.Touch the Upload icon at the top of the screen.
4.Select the video you want to upload.
5.Adjust the title, description, tags and privacy settings of your video.
6.On supported devices, you’ll also see a video preview with trim handles below it. Drag the trim handles to edit your video’s length. A long press on the trim handle will allow you to zoom into a frame by frame view for exact trimming.
7.Touch the Upload icon.
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