Position Etiquette

  • FOCA/FOPC Handbook Review with Lunch
  • Q&A With a National Leader
  • Brand Image & Style 101
  • Marketing the Pink City Corp Brand
  • Public Speaking
  • Events Marketing
  • Recruiting 101
  • Pink City Corp Sales 101
  • Social Networking

Industry Training & Professional Shoot

  • Basic Makeup 101
  • Runway 101
  • Photo-shoot Prep & Styling Assistance
  • Professional Photo Shoot with two personal looks and one FOCA/FOPC Shirt look (Included)
  • Professional Makeup Application Posing assistance during shoot

Note: Pink Boardroom Classes are also an option. Three Classes Included in the $289 Price

Final Review

  • Private Screening Meeting with national
  • FOCA/FOPC Final (Quick Test)
  • Probationary Term (3-6 Months)
  • Pink City Sisterhood Induction (at the National Sisterhood Retreat in Puerto Rico 10-14-2016)

What else you should know

Classes at Face Camp may vary. You are not guaranteed to participate in classes depending on your available throughout the weekend and the class schedule. However, once you pay for Face Camp once, you are welcome to participate in future Face Camp and other training events FREE of charge to take the classes that you choose. I.e. If the class you want to take is taking place at the same time as another class or when you are getting your makeup and photo’s done, you can opt to wait for the next training when you are not shooting.

Optional Extended Services Available (not included in standard pkg)

  • Professionally designed website (for your team, state or individual)
  • Professionally designed comp card or team promo flyer
  • Portfolio development or enhancement (have your portfolio critiqued or receive training on how to properly assemble a professional portfolio)
  • Photo Retouching for 5 Photos
  • Professional video feature$124 Down for Online Orientation & Training
  • Balance Due 30 days Prior to the Class depending on when you register.

ModelMe Experience Video Peak

Throwback Face Camp Video

Like most training courses, participants need to cover their own expenses. Our organization is not a “Modeling Agency”. We provide a unique opportunity to be a part of something major. Our members receive awesome benefits, profit sharing opportunities through our compensation plan, free and discounted photo shoots, international exposure, endless networking opportunities and so much more. We believe that everyone should pay their way and earn their stay. Unlike a lot of other organizations, we actually provide the opportunity to get everything at NO COST. However, it takes hard work and dedication to accomplish this. The overall concept is to get you in, get you trained, get to know you and test your strengths. If you are determined and you work hard, you will be able to replace all monies you invest into your position with the organization. Also, Face Camp teaches you things you can use in every aspect of your life.

The cost is actually very minimal when you consider everything included such as a professional photo shoots with three outfits and makeup application from experienced and professional makeup artists. That alone can normally range over $200 with any good team of professionals. We also include meals with your registration, training on how to be successful in your positions and bonus fun events that you do not have to pay admission for. In fact, we sometimes offer the opportunity for finalists to sell tickets to the public events taking place during that weekend and allow them to keep 50% of their ticket sales earnings to provide yet another way for them to cover any expenses.

Face Camp FAQ

We understand that not everyone is able to afford Face Camp. This is why we offer a few different reasonable options for finalists in this situation.

  • Take advantage of the “Earn your way” fundraising program which permits finalists to earn commission credits for recruiting other faces, securing vendors and advertisers to lower the cost of their Face Camp.
  • Seek a personal sponsor. We can provide you with a sponsor request link that can help increase your chances of securing a sponsor.

We do not claim to be an accredited school of any kind. The only thing we do at Face Camp is teach our future spokes women how to best represent the organization and themselves as a brand ambassador should. We use our experienced management, preferred vendors and other seasoned members to teach you the basic information you will need to succeed as a Face. We do encourage our faces to seek as much training as possible if they are aspiring to be in the professional modeling industry. Generally, official model camps train aspiring models with industry standards. This means there can sometimes be height requirements and other stipulations to participation. Something we do not practice.

Face Camp teaches you the essentials of what Project Curve Appeal/PinkCity expects of you in your role as a FACE of Curve Appeal or Pink City Chicks.

Unfortunately, Face Camp is non-refundable. If you give 30 day notice prior to the Face Camp you registered for, you can use your registration fee towards other PCS events within a year’s time.

No. Your official acceptance is contingent on a few different things. 1) Your actions before and during, not only Face Camp, but also your first National Event. 2) How well you photograph. 3) Your attitude and personality. 4) Your overall fit with your team. Please understand that in most cases, the National event is the first opportunity the directors have to meet and observe you in person.

YES. We encourage FACES to participate in the extended ModelMe workshops offered by our PMG Division. We also offer business and brand training via our Pink Boardroom training event. Please note that only 3 “industry” classes are included with Face Camp.

Yes. However, if your makeup does not appear to be up to the same standards as the hired professionals, you may be asked to remove the makeup and allow the other makeup artists to do your makeup for at least your promo shirt look. This will cost $25. If you refuse and you proceed with shooting, your photos will not be accepted or used and you may be asked to re-shoot at your own expense.

That is your choice for your two personal shots. However, you will need to speak to one of the directors if you have a problem with something the stylist is requesting for the promo shots.

If you cancel at the last minute and we have already paid the vendors and your portion of meals, you will lose that as a credit and the remaining balance will be applied to your member account to be used toward a future Face Camp only. For example, if Face Camp is on 4/2 and you cancel on 3/27, you would lose $75 which would mean you could participate in another Face Camp, but will have to pay $75 difference one month before Face Camp. If you are a no show to Face Camp without calling, you will lose 100% of the payment and you will be dismissed from the organization. The only exception is if there was a hospitalization and you are unable to call.

Yes, you can for NATIONAL Face Camp. Minimum payment is $124. Full Balance is due 30 days prior to the training. Please Note that until you have paid for your face camp, your access will be equal to a SIS Member.

Your initial $124 is due within 30 days of your approval or before you participate in any official shoots.

Once you are approved as a pending FOCA/FOPC Finalist, you will need to pay your national membership fee of $125 and at least $124 for your Face Camp. Payments can be made at this link www.paypal.me/pinkcitycorp

If you have a PayPal account, you can also just submit your payment via PayPal to payments@pinkcitycorp.com or you can request an invoice to be sent to you via email.