The “Curvy Girls & Future Leaders” program was created by Project Curve Appeal in 2015. CGFL is designed to empower middle and high school plus-size teen girls to live a healthy lifestyle, be fashionable, build confidence and learn to cope with the challenges of peer pressure.

Camp Mission:

modelsTo unite, empower and educate girls age 8-17 while discussing the incredible challenges young women face today, and also help set the tone for their development into classy, professional, successful, well respected future leaders of their households.

Each family is invited to pre-register for the July 2016 Experience taking place in Chicago free and to help fund-raise to reduce the cost of tuition which will include all materials, lodging,  meals,  activities, workshops, photo shoots etc…
Register before it’s too late. There are limited spots available per group.

Group 1 – “Little Girls” ages 8-11

Group 2 – “Tweens” Girls ages 12-13

Group 3 – “Teens” Girls ages 14-15

Group 4 – “Future Leaders” Girls ages 16-17

The Tentative Line Up for the Camp

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Friday Night

5PM Registration & Orientation: Participants will arrive and get processed in. They will learn room assignments and receive the official schedule of events, activities and rules.

7PM Dinner & Ice Breaker: Participants will be grouped in one of three groups based upon age. They will play fun icebreaker games and enjoy a light dinner.

9PM Style Party & Girl Talk: Participants will attend a mini wardrobe workshop that covers age appropriate stylish trends, body foundation, makeup, skin and hair maintenance. This workshop was created to educate the girls on how they can be stylish while being classy and to give them great tips that will ultimately help them build their confidence.

Sleeping arrangements: Girls should expect to sleep slumber party style with other girls in their age group and at least one female adult chaperone in their room.


healthy eatingMorning: Participants will come together for breakfast then be split by groups to participate in age appropriate workshops about female health and wellness. These workshops were created to educate girls on the importance of a healthy lifestyle that includes a healthy diet and exercise. After the workshops, the girls will come back together for lunch.


Afternoon: Participants will get to participate in a fun Instagram-themed photo shoot party. They will help each other get “glammed up” and will not only take selfies and “us-ies” (group selfies), but those whose parents sign off on their participation will also participate in the first ever official CGFL Promotional photoshoot and commercial taping for future camps. This is a great opportunity for the girls to feel like a model for a day and to gain experience and exposure.

birthday-card-holiday-greeting-outdoor-movie-party-custom-greeting-cards-ideas-night-birthday-birthday-invitation-ideas-pear-the-invitation-spelled-out-candy-bar-girl-birthday-invitation-holiday-birtdNight: After the Curvy Idol Comp that the girls will be guest at, participants will gather for dinner and then split up into their groups. Each group will participate in a dream project workshop followed by movie night with popcorn, shakes and snacks.