At the point when this mistake message began happening, it kept GeForce Experience from refreshing itself or the video card driver. While it’s not a major ordeal to physically download new drivers from nVidia’s site, I needed to settle the issue as opposed to work around it. Luckily I found an answer at’t interface with nvidia/4/.

Things being what they are the NVIDIA Network Service was stuck in “Beginning” status, which caused GeForce Experience to toss the blunder message. I opened Services (Start Menu > Run and sort services.msc) and checked that the administration was in fact stuck in “Beginning” status.

Screenshot of Services window indicating NVIDIA Network Service stuck in Starting status.

The NVIDIA Network Service was stuck in “Beginning” status.

The subsequent stage is to erase (or rename) the NSManagedTasks.xml record in C:\ProgramData\NVIDIA Corporation\NetService\. Note that it’s in the ProgramData organizer, not the Program Files (x86) envelope. You may need to indicate concealed envelopes keeping in mind the end goal to see it.

Screenshot of NSManagedTasks.xml record.

Erase or rename the NSManagedTasks.xml record.

When NSManagedTasks.xml is erased or renamed, open Task Manager, tap the catch to Show forms from all clients, at that point end the NVNetworkService.exe *32 process.

Screenshot of Task Manager demonstrating the NVNetworkService.exe procedure.

End the NVNetworkService.exe *32 process.

Since the procedure is finished, backpedal to Services, right-tap on the NVIDIA Network Service and begin it.

Screenshot of the NVIDIA Network Service began.

The NVIDIA Network Service ought not be begun.

Exit GeForce Experience if it’s running, and begin it up once more. It should now have the capacity to interface.